From my inbox...
We're both enjoying the lessons. Thanks for all the thought you put into your teaching. It's very well done. ~ a parent
"Mrs Ennis is a kind and loving teacher." ~ a student (to her mother) 

She is enjoying her cello with you. ~ a parent 

Barb, I LOVE my lessons, and I'm starting to see how much I've learned already, and I'm delighted!!  Thank you! ~ adult student

I am just amazed at what a good (and thoughtful) teacher you are.  I’m glad we have you in our life. ~ a parent

Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher. ~ a parent

I very much appreciate having you as my cello teacher - your patience is awesome. ~ adult student
We will most definitely keep on highly recommending you as we have had a very happy and enjoyable number of years. ~ a parent
Thank you for your patience and awesome teaching skills.  I have loved taking lessons and the challenge of learning a new instrument!!  I look forward to many more lessons together! Thanks so much. ~ adult student