Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a cello cost?

Cellos can run from under $500 to millions for rare old instruments. You should expect to pay about $1800 to $3000 for good new student instruments, a little less for used.  I recommend renting to begin with until you know what you want in an instrument.  Renting should cost from about $40 to about $75 a month depending on size, quality of instrument, whether you choose new or used, and whether a portion will go towards purchase. 

Buying an inexpensive instrument online without trying it first can be very risky unless you are dealing with a well-known, reputable business.  Many have bought $500 Ebay cellos only to find they need expensive re-fitting to become playable, and might still have a less-than-pleasing sound.

Where can I rent or buy a cello?

I have a few cellos which I rent out.  Otherwise, I suggest students deal with Tapestry Music in Vancouver.  They rent, rent-to-own, and sell a variety of cellos so even if you start with a less expensive cello, you may trade up if you desire a better instrument.  Tapestry Music has a great purchase buy-back or rent-to-own program.

Do you teach adults?

Yes, I have a limited number of spots for adults.

How do I use the student/parent log in?

After your registration has been activated, you can access my calendar, files, and records online... This six minute video explains it all!