Video of the Week: Practice with a Drone

Published: Jun 24, 2017  |   Category: Uncategorized

The purpose of this video is simply something to help you stay in tune. There are multiple drone "videos" online, or you can buy a drone CD.  Most electronic tuners will also play a drone, if you want to play with one on your phone, you might put an earbud in one ear.  Pick the key you are playing in (D for the first several Suzuki songs), and listen to make sure your notes are in unison or harmony as you play along!  .....Read More

Video of the Week: 12 cellos - Faure Pavane

Published: Jun 9, 2017  |   Category: Uncategorized More

Video of the Week: The Transformative Power of Classical Music

Published: May 12, 2017  |   Category: Uncategorized

Cellist/Pianist/Conductor Benjamin Zander is a lot of fun!  First, a Ted Talk for you to ENJOY!   And here he is working with a 15 year old student on the Bouree from the third Bach Cello Suite. See how his playing of the piece has changed by the end!  .....Read More

Video of the week: Beethoven Symphony No. 9 (Ode to Joy)

Published: Apr 26, 2017  |   Category: Uncategorized

Here is the full recording, over an hour long!  I'm sorry that the audio/video timing is slightly off. :-(  If you don't have time to watch/listen to all, the last movement begins at about 47 minutes, the famous Ode melody begins around 51 minutes, and my arrangement is based on the part that begins at about 53 minutes. The soloists and choir invade a few minutes later.  Just thinking how cool it would have been if at the very first performance the vocalists.....Read More

Video of the month? :-)

Published: Apr 1, 2017  |   Category: Uncategorized

Maybe for spring term I'll get back to weekly posts? And some more variety than the Suzuki repertoire!  (Hey, you can always go to my old blog and click on the "video of the week" tag for many more videos from past years! This is a teaching video by Suzuki cello teacher, Abigail McHugh-Grifa, as preparation for playing O Come, Little Children.  This is the first piece we l.....Read More

Video of the Week: Lightly Row

Published: Feb 2, 2017  |   Category: Uncategorized

About time I put up another "Video of the Week!"  Here again is Rachel Xu and her faithful accompanist, playing Lightly Row.  If you are unable to listen to your CD, her channel is a good alternative. Click on her name for more of her videos.  (Just don't worry about adding vibrato the way she does... we'll get to that in time and you can go back and make all your beginner tunes more lovely!)  .....Read More

Video of the Week: O Come Little Children

Published: Dec 3, 2016  |   Category: Video

Rachel Xu provides excellent examples of Suzuki literature on YouTube! Here is the German Christmas Carol, O Come Little Children......Read More

New Blog for My Students!

Published: Nov 10, 2016  |   Category: Video of the Week, Cello Lessons

In the past I have used a separate blog for "Video of the Week" and some other cello related content.  Now that Music Teacher's Helper offers a blog connected with my website, I thought it might be easier for my students to find it here!  Feel free to visit my other blog for past videos! If you don't want to wade through pictures of my .....Read More